Growing the Binance Chain Ecosystem with the Join The Fun Program

StableXSwap is currently launched on Binance Smart Chain, and we realize that the ecosystem still doesn’t have all of the toolings that…

StableXSwap is currently launched on Binance Smart Chain, and we realize that the ecosystem still doesn’t have all of the toolings that other chains and ecosystems may have. However, it is crucial for us to help in reducing the barriers to entry to help boost our potential AUM’s that this product can capture when it goes live.

Thus, we will work on building out more guides for how to utilize different wallets on Binance Smart Chain, and invest efforts into reducing frictions for users to get their first transactions completed on Binance Smart Chain.

Thus, we will roll out a new program:
Join The Fun — a new initiative to bring DeFi users over to Binance Smart Chain.

We need BSC to grow to grow StableXSwap

Users with a Ethereum-based address who have interacted with one of the following token smart contracts of ETH-based DeFi dApps prior to October 18th, 11:59PM UTC, will be eligible to earn a 5 STAX rebate on gas fees (currently valued between $0.35–0.5) if they utilize the same address on BSC to interact with a STAX smart contract for staking or liquidity provision.This program will be valid for up to 5,000 new BSC users (capping the total rewards possible at 25,000 tokens), valid until the end of October 31st, 11:59PM UTC time, whichever ends first. 
 The following dApps will be used in our version of the initiative, as we want to capture users who have lent, borrowed, or transacted stablecoin assets, or acted as LPs on Uniswap or Sushiswap. This is not to say that other dApps do not matter, and if you have a special circumstance, please feel free to chime in in our Telegram, we can always add more to the program if needed.

Aave (aDAI, aUSDC, aTUSD, aUSDT)
Compound (cUSDC, cDAI, cUSDT)
Cream (crUSDC, crDAI, crUSDT crYCRV) (All LP providers for all stablecoin, nonBTC-holders, plus yCRV holders)
Dai (only Multicollateral, not single-collateral)
Synthetix (sUSD)
Sushiswap (all LPs)
Uniswap (all LPs)
yearn finance’s yyUSD

Once you have tried staking into a STAX-related pool, please fill out this Google Form to receive your STAX rewards. Rewards will be paid out on November 1st.

We want to pay homage to these projects which captured significant usage on Ethereum and hope to see some of these users come over to Binance Smart Chain.

We will release a Dune Analytics query within the next 36 hours that will be public for other projects to use as well, that details a full list of all of these addresses that are eligible to participate. We do not want to do a pure airdrop to these addresses, but rather just want to lower the barriers for these proven stablecoindefi users to come and try out our product on Binance Smart Chain.

We look forward to growing the pool of users on Binance Smart Chain, and as always, let’s keep staking STAX!