Impossible Finance Research Report #3–Blocto

Dearest Bulls,

Dearest Bulls,

Introducing the Steam of dApps, the Blocto project. Blocto is building a cross-chain smart contract wallet with the seamless user experience available. Users can easily access dApps, crypto, and NFT assets, no matter which blockchain they are built on; developers can integrate with Blocto SDK service and create a frictionless onboarding experience. Blocto wallet is the top wallet on FLOW blockchain with over 230k+ user accounts, FLOW powers major games and NFT ecosystems like NBA Topshot.

With improved interoperability built upon Blocto’s smart contract wallet architecture, Blocto eliminates the learning curve that is preventing wider adoption of decentralized offerings. Within the Defi universe, we find that Blocto’s mission is highly aligned with Impossible’s vision of building a fair and more accessible, and open financial system for all, and we are excited to be a part of Blocto’s contribution to this ecosystem.

If you are interested in participating in the Blocto IDO, please see details here.

Project Highlights:

  • Closed $8 million private sale round, led by many funds and strategic partners such as Alameda Research, Animoca Brands, 500 Startups, CMS, and Divergence Ventures

  • Awarded Solana & Serum grant

  • Completed over 750K USD in-app community sale on Flow

  • Support Flow, Avalanche c-chain, Solana, Polygon, BSC, and Ethereum, and Tron

Quick Metrics

  • Public Sale Price: 0.4 BUSD

  • Total Supply: 500,000,000

  • Launchpad Sale (Unlimited Pool & Standard Pool): 200,000 BUSD

Investment Thesis — Market Need: “All-in-one” Smart Contract Wallet
As Defi products continue to launch and appear on multiple platforms and chains, users find it extremely difficult to track and manage their assets across different chains. Most smart contract wallets on the market are not user-experience first, and present issues such as complicated private key management, cumbersome gas fee mechanisms and opaque wallet addresses, plaguing the road to mass adoption. Blocto’s solution addresses these challenges from both a user and developer perspective, multiple chains at a time.

The Importance of ‘User-Experience First’
We understand first-hand the frustration of managing a million private keys and downloading countless mobile apps that take up your phone’s storage space. To access Blocto, users only need to log in via email, and can choose to customize their level of security, creating a flexible user experience without the chore of multiple-key custodianship, offering users convenience without compromising security.

Allows Multichain Access
With Blocto, users can manage assets and NFTs across over 7 blockchains (Ethereum, Flow, Solana, BSC, etc.). without holding each chains’ native tokens. Users can manage their assets without having to go through multiple transactions before using any specific network. Blocto supports fiat-to-crypto purchasing, further lowering the barrier to user.

In the future, Blocto intends to extend its chain coverage to create a one-stop wallet destination for new and returning blockchain users alike. As more product needs may arise while working with its incubated projects, Blocto is committed to widening the scope of products and providing fully-integrated Blocto powered products.

Empowers Development
Defi applications are in desperate need of a better onboarding experience. Asking non-crypto-fluent users to download an additional browser extension or mobile application before using the blockchain application severely damages the experience and in turn yields a terrible conversion rate.

Blocto provides blockchain identity and payment SDKs for these mainstream market-facing dApps. With Blocto SDKs integrated into the applications, users can easily create wallets, send transactions, purchase cryptocurrencies, etc. directly inside the blockchain application. This is by far the most user-friendly onboarding experience.

Blocto has built a web SDK for Flow and all its supported blockchains, which is currently used as the exclusive mobile wallet integration for the top projects running on Flow such as Vault by CNN and MotoGP Ignition.

Blocto’s Aligned Vision with Impossible
Last week, Calvin had a chat with Blocto co-founder Hsuan Lee to discuss the vision he has for Blocto. We’re particularly excited in how Blocto aims to encourage ‘crypto non-veterans’ to participate in the ecosystem.


  • Blocto Community
    We see that the Blocto community has gained significant traction (230K+ users / 150K+ App users / 10K+ DAU) and the Blocto Swap already has an average volume ~ $ 1M USD / day. Blocto also supports fiat to crypto purchases for FLOW, FUSD, BNB, BUSD, SOL, ETH and MATIC with credit cards, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

  • Technical Integration
    Blocto is already compatible with 7 different blockchains, including Flow, Solana, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche (c-chain), Ethereum, and Tron. On the gaming side, the project has integrated with Chainmonsters, which is the largest blockchain-powered game on Flow with an upcoming launch on Steam. The platform also supports FLOW payments via Blocto wallet, with the same experience in NBA Top Shot.

Blocto is working closely with many NFT projects and products including Vault by CNN, MotoGP ignition, Chainmonsters and Enemy Metal, and is always seeking to find more decentralized products to integrate and work alongside. Impossible is excited to help Blocto on scaling across different chains and further lowering the barrier of crypto-adoption and on-board existing offline users.

BLT Token Metrics

Total supply: 500,000,000 BLT

Day 1 Circulating Market Cap: $10,000,000

Tokens Allocated to Impossible Launchpad: 500,000 BLT (0.1% of Total Token Supply)

Public Sale Token Price: 1 BLT = 0.4 BUSD

Listing Price: TBD — 0.4 BUSD

BLT is the utility and governance token of Blocto, which serves as the foundation of the Blocto ecosystem and the inter-connective link between the wallet, Blocto-made native products, and Blocto users. BLT will be the unified gas fee used to conduct swaps or transfers on the Blocto wallet, in any supported blockchain.

Read more about Blocto’s Tokenomics on their Whitepaper

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About Blocto:
Blocto is a cross-chain, integrated smart contract wallet service designed for both developers and users. With Blocto, users can easily and frictionlessly interact with their NFTs, crypto assets, and blockchain decentralized applications (dApps) within the mobile app. Irrespective of which blockchain these assets and applications are built on, developers can integrate and leverage the Blocto service to provide a seamless onboarding process.

With improved interoperability built upon our smart contract wallet architecture, the ecosystem expands exponentially and brings blockchain to market mass adoption empowered by the BLT tokenomics. In the nutshell, Blocto is the Steam for dApps.
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About Impossible Finance
Impossible Finance is a multi-chain incubator, launchpad, and swap platform led by Ex-Binance & DeFi veterans. It offers a robust product-first ecosystem that supports top-tier blockchain projects to targeted user audiences. With extensive support from key leaders in the crypto industry, Impossible Finance simplifies DeFi for users to enjoy fairer investing, cheaper trading and better yields.

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Impossible Tokens
$IDIA token is the core governance and access token for allocation into our launchpad IDO sales.
$IF token is the core governance and fee accrual for the swap and other non-launchpad products within the Impossible family.

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