Impossible IDO #2 — OSWAP Performance Update

Hello Bulls! 🐧

Hello Bulls! 🐧

Our Impossible Launchpad has completed the staking subscription period for OSWAP and had even more committed staked capital in comparison to IDO #1. We are excited for the OSWAP token listing which will be at a similar time to the claim period. Please refer to the Token Sale Details here and for the most accurate timings refer to our launchpad website.

Below are key next steps and details you should be familiar with for the IDO.

Staking & Allocation Summary:

  • Over 2,500 users passed KYC and staked for the OpenSwap IDO.

  • US$6.9M+ worth of IDIA tokens were staked on the unlimited pool during the subscription period, representing an oversubscription of 41x in committed staked capital.

  • US$3.6M+ worth of IDIA tokens were staked on the standard pool during the subscription period, representing an oversubscription of 21x in committed stake capital.

*Remaining Updated Timeline:

  • Purchase Period: Block 10478000 to Block 10506900 estimated to be 2021/08/30 11:45 AM (UTC) to 2021/08/31 11:50 AM (UTC). Subscription is open at this time for all eligible users for approximately 24 hours. Users may elect to purchase any amount of OSWAP up to the allocation derived from the staking period. ⚠️ If you miss this period, you will forfeit your allocation ⚠️

  • Claiming Period: Block 10509300 estimated to be 2021/08/31 01:50 PM (UTC) onwards. Users will be able to claim their OSWAP tokens on the Impossible Launchpad.

  • Token Trading: Goes live sometime between 2021/08/31 12:00 PM (UTC) to 03:00 PM (UTC)

*Use as a reference only as the exact timing depends on BSC block times

What can you do with OSWAP?

  1. Trade it! 📈 OpenSwap (OSWAP) token will be listed on several exchanges using the OSWAP/BNB trading pair. Stay tuned for which exchange listing 🚀

  2. Stake it! 👨‍🌾🌾 Stake OSWAP into Liquidity Queues to increase the priority of your liquidity, prioritizing your earnings for trade fees. 💰

  3. Hodl it! 💎 You will need OSWAP tokens to participate in governance by staking OSWAP to create proposals or vote on risk parameters for the protocol. 🙌🏼

Where to find the best trading prices for OSWAP?
Once OSWAP tokens are listed, go to OpenSwap’s DEX aggregator to find the best on-chain swap options.

Official Links:

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About OpenSwap
OpenSwap is committed to becoming the most comprehensive one-stop DeFi hub offering the best on-chain pricing and multi-chain arbitrage and trading. OpenSwap allows users to experience benefits through optimizing their trades with OpenSwap’s unique features: Liquidity Queues, Hybrid Routing, DEX Aggregator, and Inter-Chain Liquidity Swaps, all on one platform.

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About Impossible Finance
Impossible Finance is led by Ex-Binance & DeFi veterans, including Calvin Chu from Binance Research. Calvin was part of the selection, incubation and pre/post launch advisory process for Binance Launchpad with notable projects such as Polygon (Matic), Elrond, Axie Infinity and Harmony.

With the extensive support of key leaders in the crypto industry, Impossible Finance strives to simplify DeFi, making it easier for the users to enjoy its benefits in particular fairer investing, cheaper trading and higher passive income.

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Impossible Tokens
$IDIA token is the core governance and access token for allocation into our launchpad IDO sales.
$IF token is the core governance and fee accrual for the swap and other non-launchpad products within the Impossible family.

Thanks for your amazing support and let’s buidl the Impossible together!

Terms & Conditions:


  • Impossible reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement and group at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.

  • Users need to complete their KYC and also be from an eligible jurisdiction to participate in this token sale.

  • Risk Warning: Trading and/or generally investing in any cryptocurrency involve significant risks and can result in the complete loss of your capital. You should not invest more than you can afford to lose and you should ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Before investing, please consider your level of experience, objectives, and risk tolerance, and seek independent financial and legal advice if necessary. It is your responsibility to ascertain whether you are permitted to use the services of Impossible Finance based on the legal and regulatory requirements of your country of residence and/or applicable jurisdiction(s).

Exact timing

  • Impossible.Finance makes every effort to ensure that the actual time follows the above planned schedules. However, there is a high chance that there is a discrepancy between these 2 times due to the very nature of blockchains.

  • In smart contracts, each event (e.g. staking) is triggered when a specific block is reached, and with block times entirely dependent on network/infrastructure conditions (some block times can be longer than 30% than the average), it can be challenging to predict the block that corresponds to the exact planned time.

  • When the event is further out into the future, it becomes harder to predict the exact block due to the larger number of unpredictable blocks between now and then. An interesting side effect of this is that the nearer we get to the event, the more certain of the event time we become. And so, the Impossible team has a dynamic frontend that updates the estimated time that corresponds to the specific event block.

  • Again, while the team makes a best attempt to make each event happen at the said planned schedule, reality is still likely to be different. As such, we make our sub-features like calendar reminders scheduled with a 95% confidence that they are early with 2 disclaimers: (i) there is a small chance that the event happens before the reminder, (ii) we ask that you check the main product page for a more accurate event time closer to the planned time.