The Impossible Finance Early Penguins NFT

Campaign period: 2021 – 07 – 29 12:00 AM (UTC) – 2021 – 08 – 22 16:00 PM (UTC)

Campaign period: 2021 – 07 – 29 12:00 AM (UTC) – 2021 – 08 – 22 16:00 PM (UTC)

As our IDIA Token Sale draws closer, we are launching our Impossible NFTs to reward our community.

First up is our Impossible Early Adopter Penguin NFT which is claimable for users who own our first Impossible Finance token (IF Token) in their wallet. Everyone who is holding at least 10 IF tokens, from now till the end of the campaign period, are eligible to claim an NFT.

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Who is Eligible

There are two batches of users who will be eligible.

Batch 1

Users who already hold at least 10 IF tokens at the start of this campaign are immediately eligible to claim the NFT. These wallet addresses have been whitelisted.

Batch 2

Users simply need to complete one task to be eligible to claim the Early Adopter NFT.

Task 1: Hold at least 10 IF tokens in your wallet between the campaign period.

A snapshot of all IF token wallet holders will be randomly taken once between the campaign period to ensure at least 10 IF tokens are in the wallet.

These wallet addresses will be whitelisted and announced at the end of this campaign.

How to Claim

Whitelisted wallets can claim the limited edition NFT at

Eligible users must claim their NFT between the claim period

Claim period: 2021 – 07 – 29 12:00 AM (UTC) – 2021 – 08 – 30 16:00 (UTC)


What is an IF Token?

The IF token is the core governance and fee accrual for the swap and other non-launchpad products within the Impossible family.

Since we are launching the IDIA token first on our own platform, you will need to stake IF tokens to get allocation into the IDIA token sale.

What is an IDIA Token?

The IDIA token is the core launchpad governance and access token for allocation into our launchpad sales.

Find out more:

Terms & Conditions

Users who do not have 10 $IF before the final snapshot has been taken will not be qualified.

Users who do not claim their NFT before the claim period ends will have their entries forfeited.

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